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NARCLiM: Downscaled climate projections to support adaptation in NSW and the ACT

This snapshot describes a Regional Climate Modelling Project that developed detailed climate projections for south-eastern Australia to support adaptation planning in the NSW and ACT governments, as well as local councils, businesses, and community groups.


Regional climate models with high spatial resolution can produce more detailed projections than coarse global models. Their output is therefore better matched to the needs of regional and local decision makers planning for adaptation.

NARCliM, the New South Wales (NSW) and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Regional Climate Modelling Project, developed regional climate projections for south-eastern Australia that can be used by the NSW and ACT governments as well as local councils, businesses, community groups, etc. to support adaptation planning. The project involves a range of partners including water authorities, state government agencies and the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.

NARCliM is designed to provide straightforward access to information on future climate change from model projections. It provides raw model data, and also combines these data into useful climate statistics describing, for example, future fire weather hazard or extreme events such as flood risk.