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27 June 2017

Trees, which provide shade and act as natural air conditioners, play an important role in helping to create cities that are more resilient to extreme temperatures. 

23 June 2017

Coasts in the future will look different to our current coasts, making it imperative for adaptation planning to involve the community to ensure people’s views are taken into account.

20 June 2017

In February 2017, the Climate Council released a report on climate change and extreme weather events. 

16 June 2017

Researchers are using new analytical techniques to discover whether social media posts can help track the health in real time of fragile ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef, which may help in planning adaptation strategies.

13 June 2017

Climate change could have far‐reaching consequences for human health across the 21st century. But there is at least some good news on how health systems are adapting.

9 June 2017

One way to think about risks is through risk ownership. Risks can be owned by the organisation that owns the asset (such as a building owner), or the organisation that is responsible for managing the risk associated with that asset (such as a local council). 

6 June 2017

The impacts of climate on infrastructure are changing, and will continue to change over the lifetime of infrastructure built today. 

2 June 2017

Most Australians live in cities. Our four largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth – account for more than half the nation’s population. 

26 May 2017

Miami Beach in Florida is at the centre of sea-level rise and flooding issues. The large urban community experiences significant flooding every king tide. 

19 May 2017

Perhaps more appropriately the title of this post should read ‘What in the Ocean is Blue Carbon’, because that is where it is.