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12 May 2017

With ocean acidification progressing at a rate unprecedented in the past 66 million years, local communities need to adapt to changing ocean conditions.

5 May 2017

A community-based organisation working with horse owners and enthusiasts in South Australia has developed a horse owner education program.

28 April 2017

For years, people have relied on the Bruun Rule, a simple formula for calculating how far the coast will recede for every millimetre of sea-level rise. However, the Bruun Rule is an oversimplification and better approaches are now available.

21 April 2017

Coastal dunes are proving to be an important refuge for threatened native mammals suffering from habitat fragmentation and degradation, predation by introduced species, and potential rainfall reductions associated with climate change.

13 April 2017

Climate change communication has faced challenges in conveying the impacts and urgency of climate change. 

7 April 2017

The Range Extension Database and Mapping project, or Redmap, has involved more than 800 citizen scientists in identifying how marine species are changing where they live. 

31 March 2017

Many social consequences need to be considered when planning for adaptation to climate change. It is important to understand people’s resistance to changes in technology.

24 March 2017

The climate is changing on a global scale, with some of our communities already experiencing extreme and intense events more regularly. 

17 March 2017

A quarter of the world’s seabird species are listed as threatened or of special concern. Accurate monitoring can detect small changes in colony sizes. 

10 March 2017

The City of Kingston, located southeast of Melbourne, is responsible for managing 13 kilometres of popular suburban beaches stretching from Mentone to Carrum.