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It’s not just the coast: practical knowledge for adaptation across Australia


CoastAdapt focuses on climate change as it affects the coast. But of course, all areas of Australia are being, and will be, affected. NCCARF, the host organisation of CoastAdapt, has developed and holds a wealth of resources on adaptation across Australia. These resources have been synthesised into up-to-date and easy-to-read summaries and guides to the latest adaptation knowledge.

You can access them below. 

To access all NCCARF’s resources, go to the webpage NCCARF also hosts its own adaptation library of research reports and information. 

Synthesis Summaries:

8-10 page summaries of key sectors and extremes as they are likely to be affected by climate change

Climate Change Adaptation Brief Notes:

2-page introductions to climate change, its impacts and potential responses for key roles in adaptation

Policy Guidance and Information Briefs:

Synthesising key climate change facts for critical issues affecting Australia today, and exploring the implications of response mechanisms

Information Briefs:
Guidance Briefs: