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Case studies

Case studies in CoastAdapt are organised under 13 categories to help you find something to match your interests. There are brief snapshots, longer full case studies and engaging videos.


A picture says a thousand words.

Information manuals

CoastAdapt provides information and guidance at a level accessible to non-specialists. The Information Manuals provide additional detail and greater insights on key topics of relevance to adaptation practitioners and decision makers.

Impact sheets

CoastAdapt provides 13 short reports that highlight potential climate change impacts on different goods, services and sectors in the coastal zone.

It's not just the coast

Information, summaries and guidance around a range of adaptation challenges for both coastal and non-coastal regions of Australia.

Research reports

Research reports from five research projects NCCARF commissioned to fill knowledge gaps in CoastAdapt.


Practical tools to help scope, plan and implement coastal adaptation.

How to pages

Here we have assembled some of the key items in CoastAdapt that will answer your ‘How to...’ questions.